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Congress joins European allies in targeting Turkey's Grey Wolves

Episode Summary

Aykan Erdemir joins The Greek Current to look at legislation passed in the US House of Representatives last week that would require the Secretary of State to asses whether Turkey's Grey Wolves should be designated as a terrorist organization. This move by Congress comes as European Union countries have also taken steps to crack down on the Grey Wolves.

Episode Notes

The US House of Representatives passed a bill on September 23 with an amendment - introduced by Representative Dina Titus - that requires the secretary of state to submit a report assessing whether Turkey’s Grey Wolves — a far-right militant group — meet the criteria to be designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. If the Senate also passes this legislation, then the US would join allies like France, Germany, Italy and Austria in targeting the Grey Wolves, which is linked to the MHP, Turkish President Erdogan’s far-right coalition partners. Dr. Aykan Erdemir, joins us to talk about the Grey Wolves and this latest legislation in the US Congress. 

Dr. Aykan Erdemir is the senior director of the Turkey program at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and a former Turkish lawmaker.

Read Aykan Erdemir’s latest policy brief for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies: Congress Joins European Allies in Targeting Erdogan’s Far-Right Partners

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